Thursday, February 23, 2006

[The Daily Show] Giant Dick

I just watched all of last week's Daily Show eps back to back, and I have to say they were the funniest shows I have seen in weeks! Not since the "Indecision 2000" presidential election episodes has The Daily Show extracted "the funny" so well from a serious current event. The Daily Shows coverage of Dick Cheney's (wah wah wah) "faux pas" made me lol and then lol some more. John Stewart's prayer of thanks summed it all up! Thank you (whoever "you" are) for causing the Vice President of the United States to mistake his 78 year old friend for game fowl!! Not that they aren't always entertaining, but this event seems to have put the spring back in the writers' step.

Oh, and the "Trendspotting" segment by Demetri Martin about Social Networking was also hilarious! Oh, and I luff the Cordry Bros! Oh, and I luff Samantha Bee even though she was on mat leave last week just for being Canadian! Oh, and I just LUFF the whole damn show!

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