Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gilmore Girls - A Vineyard Valentines

From a season high of “Friday Nights are For Fighting” two weeks ago, Gilmore Girls could only go down, and down to Martha’s Vineyard they did, just to continue the redemption of 90wpm-Logan. Logan plays host and invites Lorelai and Luke to the Vineyard. Logan plays basketball with (future father-in-law?)Luke. Logan plays super graciously. Logan plays his cards right and saves Luke’s Valentines behind by giving him a necklace to give to Lorelai. Logan gets sucker punched yet again (though finally on screen for us) by his father. We get played by feeling sorry for Logan again, just as Luke begins to change his mind too.Still, as someone who didn’t hate Logan like most others, it was still one of the weakest episodes of the series, but leave it to Emily Gilmore, who does not even appear on screen this week, to leave the greatest impression this week. Let’s hope we get back to the intergenerational Gilmore’s and let’s hope Luke and Lorelai sort out the wedding/surprise daughter thing because it’s getting a little tiresome at this point.

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highbrow said...

At this point? It got tiresome the ep Lore found out! I'm glad she finally told Luke the truth about her fears for the wedding, but it's driving me nuts that she won't say anything about April. The man is dense Lorelai, we know this, so tell him you just want to be included in the bonding! After all, eventually she'll be your step-daughter.

I did love the little exchange between Lorelai and Logan at the end: "No one knows more about disappointing family than I do." For as much as Logan is like Christopher, he's also a little like Lorelai. Ewwww. Not only is Rory dating her "father," she's dating her "mother" now too!

Otherwise, agreed, boring. Nothing much really happened in this episode did it? Except maybe the beginning of the end (again) of Rory & Logan's relationship.

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