Thursday, February 16, 2006

Guilty Pleasures - Dancing with the Stars

How good and addictive has this show gotten? It has the gall to use horrible singers singing mediocre songs, it has costumes that rival the mens figure skaters, it has Tom Bergeron hosting, and I STILL can't stop watching.

Season 2 has bettered 1 by having "stars" that actually seem to really want to win this thingy (whatever you can call it; a competition? A dog and pony show without the dog and pony?), making this whole south american/eurotrashy cheesefest variety show all the more endearing.

Throw irony and caution to the wind! Let there be dancing! and dancing there is! Stacy "legs" Keibler and Drew "boyband has-been" Lachey have battled it out for the top spot since the beginning, but watching Lisa "Mrs. Lynn Echolls" Rinna and her partner Harry Hamlin Jr. try hard playing catch up actually wants me to root for her underdog position. Still, Stacy is simply fantastic and even I can't stop looking at her lean body. Drew has been just so cute (don't you just think they should stick him with the moniker "lil'"?) and keeps bringing out a fantastic performance. I mean, he WAS in a boyband but 98Degrees was never the dancing queens like 'NSync so it's actually surprising that he is this good week after week.

So as much as I love Jerry Rice's attitude, it's time for him to go back to last week's Superbowl and let the footloose battle finale begin!

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highbrow said...

I'd start watching it again if they got the original host of AFV to replace Tommy! Bob Saget Rocks! Watch "The Aristocrats!" and you'll see why I say that. You wouldn't want him to be the head of your "Full House"...

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