Thursday, February 16, 2006

[Related] I Hate Stupid Girls!

So, I'm not recapping the ep because there's probably only about 5 other people watching this show and the likelyhood that they are reading this blog is slim. I'm just writing to say that Rose, the youngest sister, who's in college and had to choose between the sweet, smart, thoughtful best male friend and the hot, self-involved, actor wannabe of course chooses hot. Well, as soon as she can say buh-bye to her "flower" he tells her he's taking off for LA to pursue his career and doesn't want a long-distance relationship. Uh...DUH! You stupid, stupid girl!! And if you think best buddy's gonna take you back, fuhgeddaboudit! He already told you that when you and hottie's relationship ends in the crapper, he won't be around to pick-up the pieces. He's no one's second fiddle. Not even yours, Rose Sorelli! So I really hope he sticks to his guns, b/c you know she's going to try and cry on his shoulder.

For those of you who have never even heard of the show, which by the way does not air on regular Canadian cable, it's basically about 4 sisters (sound familiar?) but their "our" generation. There's the oldest married successful lawyer who is the serrogate mother to her younger sisters ever since their mother passed away when they were children. The second pyschologist who plays the peacekeeper and has just broken up with her 6-year boyfriend. The 3rd party planner screw-up who's living with her father and his fiancee and was dating her co-worker who was dating their boss until she finally broke it off and quit her job. And then, well you already know about the youngest who was a successful pre-med student until she gave it all up to go into the theatre program. Yes, she's that stupid all the way around. It's a good show and I'll be sad when it gets cut from the new CW's line-up.

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