Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rest of the Week

Boston Legal – David E. Kelley writes again! And casts two former Chicago Hope members AND we get a pairing of Magnum P.I with Murphy Brown! Plus Rene Auberjois gets a storyline for once!

Survivor: Panama Exile Island – TERRY finds the immunity idol? Boring.

Freddie – Seriously? When did Brian Austin Green become so funny? I can’t believe Freddie didn’t choose Rose.

Olympics – Were they still on? Go team Canada! Congrats on their best showing ever! Is Avril Lavigne the best we can do to represent us? I mean. I love her, but STILL. Will she even be around in 4 years when we have the Vancouver 2010 Olympics? (Granted, her careful move to film and spokesperson for Gucci is a brilliant career move).

Dancing with the Stars – Season 2 Finale – How is Stacy not in the Top 2? I can’t believe my heart was actually beating before the final announcement for fear that Jerry would actually win that ugly looking trophy. I mean, Jerry seems like a great person but come ON, we have some honour to uphold! This is the Dancing with the Stars trophy! It deserves some RESPECT! As Ugly as it may be. So thankfully, Drew “98 Degrees” Lachey wins the trophy and restores the Lachey name no thanks to Nick. But before I leave this season, did he say that Cheryl was like his SISTER? Eww, cause those two were so HOT together I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls a Billy Crudup and leaves his pregnant wife for another woman.

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