Monday, February 13, 2006

Things You "Need" To Know About Highbrow

Hello All,

Vance and I thought it would be nice if we each told you a lil' som'um som'um about ourselves. An introduction to our tastes, personalities and writing styles, if you please. Now, I'm not much of a "top 10" kinda gal, but Vance insisted, so here's my Top 10 (+1) Current TV Shows:

1) House
2) Veronica Mars
3) Grey's Anatomy
4) Gilmore Girls
5) How I Met Your Mother
6) 24
7) Entourage
8) Bones
9) CSI
10) Ghost Whisperer (I am ashamed to say)
11) Numb3rs

Now, you "need" to know that it was very hard for me to qualify the above shows. To me, it's more like, I HAVE to watch every episode of each of those show or I get very upset! In that sense, all eleven shows are #1 to me. I also want to send shout-outs to the other shows in my rotation, the only difference being that if I miss an ep it's not the end of my world: Related, Scrubs, What I Like About You (but only for the Val/Vic storylines), Reba, Twins, The West Wing (it used to be my favourite show, but has gone soooo downhill in my opinion that now I just watch it out of habit), Crossing Jordan (another shameful guilty pleasure), In Justice, Prison Break (but the ending of the last ep really annoyed me!), The Daily Show, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and when in season, The Olympics.

Now I am supposed to tell you a little something about myself. I've been described as: sarcastic, jaded, cynical, bitter and just down right mean. And those are my good qualities! But on the flip-side, I'm also known to have a great sense of humour, quick wit, intelligent and I'm "secretly" a big ol' sentimental sap deep down inside. Every episode of Ghost Whisperer, with the exception of one, has made me cry. SAAAAAAD but true! I pretty much have no other interests outside of watching tv or movies....Ummm, I walk my dog, but it's out of necessity. I don't play any team or league sports and I like to stay at home. Pretty much the only things that get me out and about are work, shopping, spa treatments and the occasional pint of Guiness.

The shows I will be recapping/reviewing for you on this site are:
Mondays - How I Met Your Mother, 24
Tuesdays - House
Wednesdays - Bones, Veronica Mars
Fridays - Ghost Whisperer
Sundays - Grey's Anatomy

If you have any additional requests or wish to discuss a one-off ep from my "fave" list, please feel-free to email me at
low.brow@rogers.com. And I can't stress enough how gratifying it is when readers post their comments! I luff to hear what you have to say and encourage y'all to speak up even if it's totally the opposite of what I thought of the show!

So, watch TV every night! It's what all the cool kids are doing....

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