Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Torino Olympics 2006 Special Coverage

The quest for Gold. The quest for the CD on a red ribbon Italian style. The quest to understand how that new judging system in figure skating actually works (though, with its hidden voting system, doesn’t this allow that French judge to cheat even MORE? Since we won’t know who put in what scores?). The quest to understand when did the Chinese have such a powerhouse figure skating team? The quest to understand how a bunch of boarders who dominated the Half-Pipe made it to the Olympics when most Americans would have probably dismissed them as hoodlums loitering and causing mischief when on American soil.

So the past two days in Torino saw the girl in the Chinese pairs crash land into a split, saw skiers crash into three layers of blue fencing, and saw crazy lugers crash into icy walls while hurtling down speeds you would normally get a $150 ticket for. Aren’t the Olympics GREAT?

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