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[24] The Following Takes Place Between 5:00PM and 7:00PM

2 Hour Episode! Well two 1-hour eps back 2 back! Don't worry, I'll try and keep it as brief as possible....(TICK...TOCK...TICK...TOCK...)

-Tony wakes up and wants to know where his wife is. Bill lies to him due to his fragile condition. Don'cha'll think he can tell you're keeping something from him? He was an agent too ya know.
-Do I detect a spark between Martha and Aaron?! Me thinks me doooooo....
-Bierko sets up a fake primary target.
-Jack goes after Henderson at his home. Alone, of course, as always. Jack's invincible so he don't do back-up. Back-up is for robots like Curtis.
-CTU finds a schematic of a building on a dead hostile. In the corner is written 18:00. They work to find out what building this is, and assume it is the terrorist's next target. Now can anyone tell me, were they supposed to find it? Was this misinformation that was planted?? Let me know.
-Tony - a.k.a. Scarface - gets out of bed and accesses a computer to look up his wife's file. DECEASED (ridiculous graphic by the way - it was like a rubber stamp across the monitor!)
-Logan discloses minimal information to the returned Pres. Suvarov, and asks for his help in uncovering the terrorists. Suvarov agrees but knows something else is up. Suvarov begins to look at Logan in the same disdainful way all Americans do.
-Lynn, who's in lock-up, get Bill to let him make a private call to his sister. He asks for his keycard back. She wants to give it to him but her boyfriend says they can sell it for 20Gs. Oh you stupid boy! And girl! And boy!
-Martha gives Logan the cold shoulder. Are you suprised, you wimpy little turd?!
-Edgar finds a matching schematic. The target is identified as Tyler Memorial Hospital. They are given orders to evacuate immediately. Is it just me, or are the actors on this show all hired for their "I'm trying to look suspicious" faces? Check out the head of security at the hospital.
-Jack (finally) arrives at the Henderson home to search his computer for evidence. The devoted wife is home alone.
-Let's get it ON! Martha and Aaron share a moment, until Novick interrupts and warns Aaron off.
-Bierko tells the hostile in the hospital to take one for the team.
-Bierko's identity is uncovered by way of Russian intelligence. Logan is briefed by Bill. Is no one concerned that the leadership at CTU has a higher turnover rate than the GAP?
-Jack tries to convince Mrs. Henderson, thru rather violent tactics, that her husband is a baaaaaaad man, but she remains devoted. Tells Jack he was there for Kim when Jack wasn't. Chloe finds a secret drive on the computer and attempts to hack in.
-Hospital security identifies the hostile. Curtis hunts him down and shoots him dead. Good robot. Curtis finds the canister.
-CTU begins to prepare for an evac of the entire downtown core.
-Henderson comes home before Chole is finished trying to hack into his secret files. Jack proves to the Mrs. that her husband is no good by showing her Henderson's briefcase full of money. Henderson maintains innocence in the old CTU matter and refuses to talk now because he believes he is doing the right thing. Jack's interrogation tactics don't work b/c Henderson taught him everything he knows, so Jack shoots the Mrs. in the leg! But it's not enough. Henderson won't talk. What is with this show and crappy husbands that don't seem to care if their wives die for their cause?
-The counter for the container is found on the dead hostile. They have one minute left to make a move, so Curtis runs it to a sealed containment chamber with 2 secs. to spare!
-Hostile executes junkie boyfriend and then Lynn's sister and walks out with the keycard. Is CTU the primary target?!
TICK...TOCK...TICK...TOCK... We're half way there folks! Hold on to your coffee mugs!
-Hostile reprograms Lynn's keycard in his car.
-Bierko dispatches the remaining of the canisters to the rest of the targets.
-Logan starts freaking out at lack of reliable intelligence. He is briefed on Henderson.
-Kim shows up at CTU with her boyfriend. An aging Ponyboy, and not in a guuud way.
-Jack and Audrey take a time out to have yet another private conversation. This time about Kim. Audrey convinces Jack to let her talk to Kim first in order to prepare her.
-Audrey tells Kim that Jack is alive and the only reason he hid that fact from her was to protect her.
-The VP shows up. He looks like Logan's bullying older brother! Oooh, you instantly see the hostility between Novick and the Veep. Logan's so easy to sway and wants to seem half as strong as the Veep, so Veep's got him all excited about executing Martial Law in Los Angeles without Congressional consent. Uh, ain't that against the law? "That's why we won't call it that." Niiice. Just as Novick had Logan eating out of the palm of his hand, Veep shows up and ruins everything! Veep is all, "haha, in your FACE, Novick! There's a new puppeteer in town!"
-Jack returns to CTU with Henderson. Hands him over to get prepared for interrogation.
-Hostile enters CTU with Lynn's keycard. You'd think there'd be better security CTU. The red uniforms aren't really enough.
-Jack goes to see Kim. It is not a happy reunion. "I'm happy that you're alive. I am. But I can't give you want you want right now."
-Hostile has CTU's floor plans on his PDA and finds the main ventilation system.
-Tony wants Bill to tell him what is going on. Bill says it's confidential, and Tony doesn't work there anymore, but relents and tells him about the nerve gas and that Henderson is involved.
-Jack and Audrey find out that Kim's boyfriend was her therapist. Isn't there a law against that too? Or at least some kind of ethical sanction?
-Novick goes to see Martha and she tells him to cut the BS. He tells her what the Veep wants Logan to do and tells her she's the only one influential enough to stop him.
-Kerry notices someone's in the ventilation room and tells Edgar but he's too busy to deal with it and tells her to deal with it herself. Bad move Edgar! Don't be all Chloe, it's not becoming on you!
-Hostile sets up the canister
-Martha is an expert manipulator! "The country needs you more than I do."
-Kerry is killed by hostile.
-Kim approaches Chloe about Jack trusting her but not his own daughter and Chloe tells her to "cut him some slack." Take notes Edgar! No one does it quite like Chloe!
-Bill tells Lynn his sister's been killed and it looks professional. Lynn finally admits his keycard was stolen. Bill calls Chloe to track the keycard. They see it's bee used and issue an immediate lock-down.
-Henderson is fighting the effects of the truth serum (??) when Bill calls Jack about the breach.
-Hostile takes a red cop hostage.
-Edgar finally checks on Kerry.
-Hostile kills red cop. Jack outsmarts him and kills hostile. He finds the PDA and the canister's counter.
-Bill issues a Code 6 evac.
-Edgar finds a dead Kerry but doesn't notice the canister. It begins to emit the nerve gas.
-Chloe under pressure from everyone to figure out which rooms she can seal. She finds 3. Main cast moves into a meeting room. Henderson is locked up with Tony in the sick bay. Uh Oh!
- Gas starts to kill CTU agents. People in the conference room just watch helplessly.
-Edgar walks in and sees everyone in the sealed room and realizes his fate. Chloe walks to the window. Edgar's last word is "Chloe." Chloe mouths "Edgar." And they watch him die. Chloe's distraught, crying face is the most normal looking I've ever seen her.

Next week: 40% of CTU was taken out. Jack leaves the sealed room to save the day. And one main character is going to have to make the ultimate sacrifice! Here's hoping it's Audrey. Or Kim. I'd be happy with either choice.

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LHC said...

I think Audrey's going to sacrafice herself. Kim Raver (the actress that plays her) is supposed to have signed up for another show on ABC or some other network, next season. So she's outta there.

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