Tuesday, March 21, 2006

[24] The Following Takes Place Between 8:00PM and 9:00PM

Tony is officially dead for any of you die-hard fans who thought there might be the slightest chance he'd survive whatever was in that needle. So sorry for your loss.

Martial Law, disguised as a city-wide "curfew," is imposed by Pres. Wienie dispite Martha's pleas. The force is strong in the Veep. Too bad it's all from the dark side.

Homeland Security has taken over CTU. But they di'int even know what they were gettin' into, nuh-uh. They did not realize that CTU is run by a bunch of renegade agents that do whatever the hell they want, especially Chloe and Jack. I don't like that creepy new HS dude who is the anti-Chloe. He looks constantly constipated. Well, so does Chloe, but she's cool so it's okay.

Jack's tracked down the "information broker" who has just sold Bierko some schematics of his next target. He does so by trading the NSA "wet list" to a German Intelligence agent who is under the covers with, uh, I mean, undercover investigating the beautiful broker. HS freaks out when they find out the deal he's brokered, but this is also the exact moment when HS realizes that Jack is indestructible and you just have to let him do whatever the heck he wants in order to get the job done! G.I. Jack! He's a real American hack! Whatev, you get the point.... But trust in Jack they do, and not only does he manage to get the girl, he has also managed to pre-program the disk that the wet list is on to self-destruct. What is this "Mission:Impossible"???

The only way the bombshell broker (she has fantastic hair!) will reveal her secrets is if she is granted international immunity on all counts (and smart to boot!). It is granted, so she spills the beans. She gave Bierko schematics of a building, but she doesn't know which building b/c the file was encrypted and in her business it's better not to know. Then she tells Jack who sold her the file: Audrey Raines! TICK. TOCK. TICK. TOCK. (This would make some sense considering she's casted in a new pilot greenlit for the fall season which means she won't be back for Day 6 of "24".)

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