Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Amazing Race - I'm Filthy and I Love It

Alright. Another week of The Amazing Race. Let's hope this gets fun and exciting and lets me forget the whole Oscar dabacle of this year. Let the Crash-lash begin! Er, I mean race begin...

Abs. Sex. Double D's. No kiddin?

So the teams leave the Estadio in Sao Paolo, Brazil to a building where there's the first Road Block. Run up one of three circular fire escapes... on a building that looks REALLY REALLY TALL... then decend by rappelling the building in the order you reached the top. Good lord I'm dizzy just watching them climb those circular stairs. Team Abs makes a remark about staying nice with Double D's so they can get in their pants later. Nice. That's Class. I can't believe a lot of you actually liked them last week. You must be the same people that got suckered by Crash.

Upon descent, they get a clue to run to catch one of three chartered busses going to Byotas Brazil. Everyone taxi's it to the bus station, Scarlett and Rhett go to the wrong one.

Team Abs are on the first bus, Double D's the last, but the flirting in the bus station continues. Apparently we are watching the Bachelor now.

In Byotas, we get Press It or Climb It.
In Press It, they need to press sugar cane to juice and then distill it. Climb It, they hike to a waterfall and then climb by acceders, up the waterfall.

Then off to some coffee plantation which is the pitstop. Already? It's only 10:30pm...

Monica is screaming at Joseph to climb up the waterfall (who are second to Hippies at this point). Who the hell are these people? Were they on last week? Oh... Ken and Barbie. I'll use Mojo from now on cause its shorter. That's how lazy I am. I save myself 10 types on the keyboard.

Bleach Bum Sisters argue over who is driving the red love bug. "Son of a bitch" One yells. You took the words out of my mouth sista'.

Of course the Nerds take the Sugar Cane one where they get to use a bunsen burner and other science lab toys! so cute!

Oh thank heavens, Abs are lost... though Hippies are first. Not my favorite team either. Oh well, at least not Abs. Abs end up being second. Anybody notice his t-shit "Everybody's Dirtier in the South"? How easy are they making this for us? (or is that the whole point?). Mojo comes in third.

Old Couple are having trouble on the waterfall but at least are side by side with Scarlett and Rhett

Nerds are fourth, SunRay and Yo are fifth, Salsa girls are sixth.

So it comes down to Bleach which were way behind, Scarlett and Rhett who got lost, and Old couple whose car broke down.

Rhett and Scarlett get their seventh. Double D in eighth (they were still out there?). Now we see Old couple driving in the dark... what time is it? But they are ninth and thus still SAFE!!!

BLEACH BUMS... GOOD BYE!!! WE HARDLY KNEW YOU!!! Actually, we knew you too well for the short time that we did (did I really want to know that one of you had a C-section?).... and we hardly wanted to know you. SEE YA!

Next Week? Moscow!!! And Tons of those Neverending Wooden dolls!

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