Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Amazing Race - I'm in Russia Playing with Dolls

Well, they must have known I was going to get sick on Tuesday and end up missing the episode, since it was another leg where it never really ends. We may SEE Phil on the mat, in the Red Square in Moscow, but that’s just the halfway point and we get duped out of an elimination. At least Team Abs doesn’t get another prize for getting there first.

This week, they zipline in Brazil, then fly Lufthansa (do the teams get to collect Star Alliance points on this trip?) through Frankfurt to Moscow where all the teams end up bunching up again. There’s a detour where teams must open those neverending dolls to find a clue or wash a bus. Only, the bus lot seems to be the hardest place to find EVER… and teams that chose the daunting dolls task ended up finishing first.
There was a pool jump in between, where we got to see more of Team Abs (should I be surprised that he had a nipple ring?) and Rhett shirtless, but really? Did Yolanda or the mother HAVE to do this task if they are BOTH AFRAID OF WATER? You are at a POOL and the tasks ask to be ready to take a plunge. READ DAMNIT. READ.
So, it’s a To Be Continued… episode…though at this point, does every show feel like it is just buying its time until May Sweeps?

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