Wednesday, March 29, 2006

American Idol – Top 10 21’st Century Night

Creed? Something about chains? Of all the songs out there, they pick THOSE songs?
That was possibly one of the worst Song Choice nights EVER

First of all, listen Lisa, you do NOT borrow from the First American Idol Lady Ms. Kelly Clarkson. You just DON’T. I know she retracted her statement about not letting Idol use her songs, but even with it being open game, you just DON’T. And now because you did, we will have to bid you adieu tonight.

As for everyone else? I was as grumpy as Simon Cowell as pretty much everyone underwhelmed me (yes, Mandisa, I love you, but CHAINS? Chris Daughtry, CREED? One of the worst bands EVER?) until… thank you Elliot Yamin for saving it this week… this is why you are still one of my top 3 faves despite that bad hairstyle you sport.

Paris actually did a decent job with Beyoncé, but something about her still irks me. Katharine was okay but I felt Simon’s only positive statement that she was the best so far that night, was more a comment on the entire night than it was on her actual performance. You know I love Kellie and her whole look-at-me-I’m-a-silly-dumb-blonde act that I would usually hate, but listen to Sara Evan’s original “Suds in a Bucket” because it’s an AWESOME song that Kellie sort of just warbled to, which all three judges blamed the song for. It’s not the SONG. At least not this time tonight.

I was also partially disturbed by Paula’s blatant Corey Clark molesting of Ace right there on live television, until we saw the recap and I noticed Ace basically pleasuring himself and his scar while (barely) singing. Paula, I know you’re usually crazy but this time, I’m with you. How can you not notice that scar when Ace is doing his male stripper routine? By comparison, Taylor somehow looked super classy by following Ace.

So, I thought on the whole, last week’s 50’s night was far superior to the modern day songs, which is kinda sad. I’m STILL thinking about Chris’ Walk the Line (yes, I know that arrangement had been done before, but damn, Chris still rocked it).

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