Thursday, March 23, 2006

American Idol - Top 11 and Results

Oh, Chicken Little, you were so cute, but alas, American finally learned it's lesson from Jim Verraros, Jon Stevens and Anthony Federov.
Still, you weren't the only bad one this week. Oh Ace... your looks will only get you so far. I can't believe the judges bought your song because it was HORRIBLY off-key and that swoony look is almost cartoonish now.
Lisa was decent but forgetable and Bucky, who at times has a nice sound, is overshone this year with Chris kicking up the amps.
Everyone else, Paris, Madissa, Chris, Elliot, Taylor, and Katharine were all great, but again, at this point, is Chris really going to lose to anyone else? He's so far ahead of everyone else now, that is the rest of the season just redundant? Still, its been the best American Idol since the first season and extremely entertaining again (especially after the yawner season 4).

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