Thursday, March 09, 2006

[Bones] The Man On The Fairway

How absolutely CUTE were Bones and Booth last night!! They have just nudged out Veronica & Logan as my fave will-they-won't-they couple! Why doesn't Booth just make a move already? He must know Bones well enough by now to know that she probably doesn't consider it proper to get involved with him in that way due to their professional relationship, as well as the fact that she still doesn't know whether or not he's still seeing that lawyer girlfriend of his. Their sweet, goofy, "you missed me" "no i didn't" banter made me melt a lil'.

I'm glad she didn't kiss the Alien. (Did you see his eyes? They were really black and shiny! It was like the effect they use in tv and movies to indicated to the viewer when a "person" is really an alien.) But I have to give him props for his timing! He figured out before she did that if she had not shown her parents file to Booth, they must not be as close as they seem. He was wrong, but still. Props.

How adorable is Zack! (Yes, I realize I keep ending these questions with exclamation marks, but, c'mon, they are obviously rhetorical.) I just want to put him in my pocket and whenever my cynical nature needs a zap of social naivete I'd pull him out to make me smile! Besides which, I've always been a sucker for a nerd. Intelligence is definitely a turn-on!

Best moment of the night? Gotta be when Goodman lays it all out for Hodgins. His, "I'm not a nice guy speech" and then the sneaky smile afterwards. LUFF IT!

This show has successful combined a procedural show with a character driven serial. This is not an easy thing to do, and most shows fail when they attempt this desired combination. (See "Conviction" 6 weeks from now) "Grey's Anatomy" has obviously been most successful this season, but hopefully with the "American Idol" lead-in/lead-out (starting next week) the people who watch GA will being to notice that "Bones" is a great mid-week alternative.

ps: For my loyal readers, I guess you can see I've changed my style quite a bit. If you miss an episode of a show I cover, please feel free to email me (click on my name to the right) and I'll personally send you a re-cap!! Now don't YOU feel special??

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vance said...

Oh my god Zack was so cute. Love his "bonding with men" explanation for his relationship with Booth. I LOVE these characters on this show. First Ms. Montenegro, then Hodgins, now Zack. Love this geek gang!

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