Thursday, March 23, 2006

[Bones] Woman In The Tunnel

Who cares about solving crimes? I want more sexual tension between Bones & Booth.

Well, there was some tension, but it was of the negative variety. Bones made a derisive comment about how Booth and the Mayor of Mole Town were bonding over their shared military background. Booth tore into her, saying if she wanted to know about the terrible things he had to do while in the service he'd tell her but be careful 'cuz the truth ain't pretty. Bones

backs down and he tells her that was wise. Awww, they're first real argument.

Angela also bonds with the "Mayor" but really who cares?

Zack, oh sweet Zack! Not only does he deliver his lines with expertise, but now he's developing the funniest facial expressions!

Bones is looking less Skeletor-like these days, but I think she's losing weight, so I don't know what's really going on. Maybe the fat from her body is moving upwards and filling out the hollowness of her face.....

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