Sunday, March 12, 2006

Desperate Housewives - There Is No Other Way

I know. The Sopranos are back. Go, Go ahead, turn the channel. The Sopranos are cooler. At least while Desperate Housewives remains in its sophomore slump (though I think you are all far underestimating DH). I'm sticking with DH for now. Mainly cause I don't get pay cable like HBO, which kinda puts a damper in any choice to watch The Sopranos anyways. Hey, I don't make that much (yet) and if you all spread the word about this site, maybe we could get the traffic like Gawker does and make 6 figures too.

If I made enough, maybe I wouldn't be watching TV and writing this blog...

well. okay. Yes I will. but I could probably hire a young slave (er. I mean typist) to write this for me. (Speaking of which, where did that Chinese "guest" of the Solis' go?)

Meanwhile, on this week's Desperate Housewives, we get some fantastic moments spilled evenly between a mediocre episode (okay. FINE. Go flip to The Sopranos already...). Gabrielle's rant about the pregnant teen getting to judge fit parents, Tom Scavo's remarks about Lynette's view of the importance of work over family, and Bree's final throw down (and wine toss) at Andrew.
Meanwhile, Paul Young is brought to custody and thought to be murdered, only to walk back to Zach to the shock of Felicia Tilman, who was ready to mother Zach all over again.
And FINALLY, Susan gets the surgery (was that the longest week EVER? This story has been going on for at least 3 eps, yet it was supposed to be a rush surgery), but of course, love issues are all messed up as the nurse discovers her "marriage" to Karl, and Susan returns Dr. Ron's statement of love with a statement of love for Mike in return. Ah, what a way to bring back Mike Delfino into the storyline.

And coming off Black History Month, where did all the black people go? As Mrs. Applewhite and her two sons were nowhere to be seen again this week. Hmm... and right after Gedeon gets booted too? Maybe Crash did have a point? (Brokeback was still better and a week later, I'm still bitter.)

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