Monday, March 13, 2006

[Ghost Whisperer] Miss Fortune

I don't get why Miranda feels like she has to get involved even after the ghost tells her he doesn't want her help. How does she pick and choose which ghosts need her help the most? Especially when she goes to a place where there are many ghosts that all plead for her help. She gets annoyed by these ghosts, but the ghosts that are annoyed by her she insists on helping.

And what's with the Magician's younger brother? All he ever wanted was to be as good a magician as his brother, always left in his big brother's shadow, so he goes ahead and falls in love with his brother's girlfriend who's admitted that she'll never love anyone the way she loved the Magician? I totally didn't buy his character. I felt like there should have been some more development there. Maybe it all ended up on the cutting room floor....

Is Jim, Miranda's hubby, a biscuit or what? I just want to eat him all up! I know there's always great guys on tv that don't exist in real life, but this season we seem to be inundated with the most understand men EVA!: Jim, Burke (Grey's Anatomy), Booth (Bones), and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother). But seriously, after Miranda almost gets run off the road by a ghost, Jim's all concerned but continues to let her pursue this obviously dangerous spirit. He's all, "just be careful," and she's all, "I always am." Lady! You just got your breaklines cut by an earthbound spirit! That ain't "safe"!

This show has gone from sweet storylines, to scarier ones, in order to cash in on the public's apparent undying (heh) thirst for horror, but it still makes me cry at the end. Yes, I am now 17 tearing-ups out of 18 eps.

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