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[Ghost Whisperer] A Scary Dead Boy

At this point in the season of a popular show, do we really need Melinda's (the Ghost Whisperer's) background story at the start of each episode? Especially, if they insist on airing the full opening credits shortly thereafter! I say "NO!"

Melinda and Andrea have been hired to sell off all the antiques and furniture of a successful fashion designer played by Lori Loughlin. (Uncle Jesse's wife from "Full House" - while Vance will watch follow cast members from quality shows, I'll follow the careers of those from "Full House"!!) She's a career-driven, single mom who's family broke up when her first child died. He's still around though, haunting the family and causing havoc for the new baby's nannies. He even manages to sneak into Jim's subconscious and haunt his dreams which I do not think we've seen before on this show. The ghosts seem to get more powerful with every episode, but I guess the premise wouldn't last if it was all nice and easy goodness.

Melinda tells the boy to go into the light, but he's got some unfinished business. He tells Melinda to find his old nanny, Rico's wife from "Six Feet Under," which she does at an old folks home. Nanny tells Melinda the story of how the boy died. He'd run down the stairs after an argument with his mother, grabbed the car keys, ran outside and started the car. The kid's only about 10, people, so he don't really know what he's doin', and of course as he moves out of the driveway he's T-boned by an oncoming SUV. He whispers his dying words to the nanny, as his mother comes running out of the house and blames the nanny for not doing something to stop it all. Okay, folks! I warned you! This is the part of the show where I started to cry. There's just something about this show that gets me EVERY time!!! He wants Melinda to tell the nanny that it wasn't her fault. That there was nothing she could have done to stop him. He wants the nanny to do one more thing: he wants her to tell his mother what his last words were.

So Melinda and the nanny sit down with Lori, and the nanny proceeds to say that she was never going to tell her this but her son's last words were, "I wish you were my mother." WAY HARSH! Lori thinks so too and is about to leave, when Melinda does her thing where she opens her eyes really wide to show that she's honest and genuine and then tells them something only the person and the ghost knew. In this case, it's "the promise" that mother made son. A neglected son gets his mother to promise to take him to a ball game and then pizza afterwards, but come the day she gets caught up in work. Upset, the son tells his mother he's going to go himself and runs down the stairs, and well, you know the rest. He wants to tell his mother that he knew she loved him but wishes she'd just show him sometimes. He didn't want all the things her success could buy him, he only wanted her. Finally, he wanted her tell her that she needs to be different with his new sister. He sees the light and says goodbye.

Other notes, baby talk arises in the Gordon household. Jim wants a baby, like, NOW! And Melinda is all, I don't think so! We, the viewers, figure out waaaaay before the characters do that Melinda is scared to pass down her gift, especially since she's discovered that it does not skip a generation. She doesn't want their child to be ridiculed, as she was, for being different. Jim's all supportive and irresistable as usual (why do these men only exist in television?!) and is all, we can handle it because we love eachother and will love our child. I may not be able to speak to dead people, but I see a baby in season 2!
Also, at the old folks home, Melinda promises a ghost that she's "owe him one" if he helps her find the nanny. At the end of the episode, guess who's coming for dinner?

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vance said...

Oh, "Full House" is quality show to me too!!! (except for those DAMN TWINS. They, can DIE for all I care). But Go Uncle Jesse!!! I even liked Scott Weinger (DJ's boyfriend in the last season who joined the cast, also, the voice of Aladdin)... where did he go?

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