Monday, March 20, 2006

[Grey's Anatomy] Superstition

The ep starts off with 4 surgery's which result in 4 deaths. The morgue guy has it worked out, deaths come in 3s and 7s, so he predicts there will be 3 more deaths before the end of the day. Freaked out yet?

Well, even if you're not, the doctors at Seattle Grace are. Everyone's got there little rituals and superstitions to follow in order to ward off the bad juju. Addison hands out cocoa (which Meredith precedes to throw out - bad juju or not), Bailey takes a deep breath and says a little prayer, Derek says let's have some fun and then cues the music and Burke (heeeyyyy, I just realized something: why do we refer to the African-American characters by their last names??) likes to wear his funky surgical caps of which he is out. This last one leads to antics between Cristina and Bambi.

Cristina apparently has 1 of Burke's caps and gives Burke an ultimatum: If you want the cap back, you have to kick Bambi out of the apartment. I luff that they are sticking with that nickname. It's suits George so well! And whenever he gets that hurt expression on his face, you may have just shot Bambi's mother all over again. Burke assigns George to get the cap by any means possible, but why send a man to do a woman's job? By the end of the episode Izzy gets the cap back (b/c it's Denny on Burke's table and there's still the prospect of 3 deaths to come) and Bambi gets a verbal whipping by a crushed Alex who has just been dumped by Izzy for interferring with her budding relationship with Denny which makes Cristina give in and allow George stay at their place a while longer. Awww, Cristina has a soft side. She doesn't show it often, but we know it's there. She also shows it when she gives the cap back to Burke she lets him know that she believes in his abilities as a great surgeon and that he doesn't need the cap. He says he knows he doesn't need the cap, but after she leaves the smile on his face and the spring in his step tell us that superstitions are hard to break.

Derek finally tells Addison that he's "friends" with Meredith, and trying to be the bigger person, Addison has decided by extension she will be "friends" with Meredith. Neither Mer/Der know how they feel about that because even these friends know they aren't just friends. The triangle just got pointier. (I don't really know what that means but it seems apt in a way.)

Word on the street is that one of the interns is going to leave/get kicked out of the surgical program. They will not be leaving the show, just the program. I've already guessed it was going to be Izzy and that feeling was only cemented last night when she kissed Denny. This chick has jumped so far past the line that I'm surprised that Burke did not kick her off the case weeks ago. Besides, everyone else has worked too hard to make it plausible that they would leave the program by choice or even otherwise.

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Sw said...

I laughed out loud when George follwed Christina into the ladies restroom. That was the best scene in the entire episode.

highbrow said...

Poor Dr. Torres. She don't know what she's getting into....

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