Wednesday, March 08, 2006

[House] Sex Kills

Little is said about that fact that House actually misdiagnoses a 65 year old man until after it's too late. If he doesn't get a new heart he will die within the week, but the transplant board consider him ineligible due to his age. But that doesn't stop House! He orders Cameron to gather the files on all newly dead patients and finds out that there is a woman in the ER who was in a car crash and on the verge of death. He asks Cameron if she's overweight and she says, "She's a little on the hefty side..." Who still uses the word "hefty"?! I hate Cameron. I mean, she adds a great dynamic to the ducklings. I think you need her b/c she's so compassionate which makes her different from the other two, she feels to the extreme what we feel as we watch the show. But I still hate her. House explains that most organs are ineligble for transplant, and that is especially true for overweight donors, so he goes down to the ER in order to stake a claim for the heart. There he runs into the husband who quickly realizes that House is a jerk and doesn't want House anywhere near his wife. But after a plea from the dying man's daughter and a swift knee to House's balls, the husband consents. Here's the new problem, the heart was rejected by the transplant committee because the woman seemed to test positive for Hep-C. House knows it's not that and sets out to cure a dead woman. They finally figure out that she's got Gonorrhea, probably from a student. It'll take them 4-5 hours to clean it out of her system, but the man suddenly needs the heart ASAP! So they transplant a new heart and Gonorrhea into the man. I guess a live man with an STD is better than a dead man. They've lied to the husband about what was wrong with her and just as Cameron is about to break the news, he breaks down and admits he'd had a one night stand and gotten Gonorrhea and was so glad to know that he had not passed it on to his wife causing the accident that killed her. Cut to Cameron's "Wow! This is awkward" face.

So House saved the day again. So what. The really interesting story here is the LUFF story between House and Wilson! As many have noticed, there is a lot of "Brokeback" banter between these two friends. House is convinced Wilson is cheating on his wife, again, but Wilson denies the accusation. "It's not all about sex." Wilson tells House while giving him a look with much deeper meaning. Whenever Wilson tries to talk to House about what is REALLY going on, House uses humor to deflect and then hobbles away. At the end of the day, Wilson shows up on House's doorstep with an overnight bag. Turns out he wasn't having another affair. This time it was his wife who was gettin' some. Awwww, poor Wilson! Another divorce for you. But that's okay, because now you get to bunk with your bff!

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