Wednesday, March 08, 2006

[How I Met Your Mother] Cupcake

Ted and Victoria's relationship is going great. Ted may have finally found his soulmate. But then the show would be over wouldn't it? So guess what, Victoria is offered a spot at a prestigious culinary school in Germany. They have exactly one day to decide the future of their relationship because everyone knows that long distance is a myth that kids tell eachother in order to get laid the summer before they go off to college. Heh. Ted decides he can't ask her to stay, they've only known eachother for 2 months and if it doesn't work out between them afterall, he'll always be the jerk that asked her to stay. Too much pressure. She decides that maybe it's okay to put her social happiness before her career. When they meet to discuss, Ted blurts out "stay" and she blurts out "I have to go." At the airport, they decide to try long distance, but Future Ted confirms that never works.

In other storylines, Marshall needs a new suit for an interview with his dream law firm and Barney convinces him (by ripping his old one!) to see his tailor. Lilly tries on wedding dresses with Robin and Victoria. Lilly puts on the dress of her dreams, which is waaaaay out of her price range, and proceeds to sit on a wedding cake and tear the hem. Turns out Barney lied about the cost of Marshall suit in order to get Marshall to come work for his company and make lotsa money, but he refuses to sell out that way, even if that means he has to take a second job to pay for the suit. When Lilly blurts out that she ruined an $8,000 wedding dress he agrees to interview at Barney's company.

Interesting. Hopefully, we'll get some more insight into what Barney does for a living. Also, they have begun to move away from having a central character (Ted) and expanding the possibilities of an equal ensemble. Ted and Victoria are over, which I'm happy about because she was waaaaay too perky for him. She brought out his sweet, goofy side, but I think Ted's at his best when he's gets all "Ted" on them. (Reference from a previous show) Also, I am really starting to luff Marshall's character! Even his pattern of speech...With all the pauses...Where sentence fragments...are each their own...statement. However, I really really hope they end the whole Robin's unrequited crush soon. That was old even before it started.

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