Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lost – The Whole Truth

Finally a recap I can easily do. At least for a LOST recap.

Sun and Jin seem to be having some marital disputes on the island, so we flashback to South Korea where Sun sneaks off to a hotel to meet Jae Lee (who we saw in Season 1 when Sun was set up with him on a date). Sun and Jin are having marital problems back in the real world as well and they are having trouble conceiving, so they decide to see a doctor about it. The doctor would reveal that Sun is unable to have children, which Sun reveals to Jae, who we discover is only her English teacher (maybe). She reveals her plan to leave Jin but Jae basically asks her to stay for him, and not to run away.

Back on the island, Anna Lucia gets to interrogate Henry “Hostage” Gale, and convinces him to draw her a map to the supposed balloon he crash landed from. She withholds this information from Locke and Jack, and asks Sayid for help to locate the balloon once and for all, proving, or disproving Henry as one of “The Others” or not. Charlie tags along, bringing the gun he got from helping Sawyer with him, only to be discovered by Anna Lucia. Charlie however, hands it over to Sayid.

On the other side of the island, Sun had asked Sawyer for a pregnancy test from his stash of medical items he had horded, and the test had proven pink. With Jack’s verification, Sun is indeed pregnant, who decides to tell Jin after some advice from Kate and Jack. Jin is ecstatic, but Sun reveals, that back in South Korea, the doctor had chased her down after their initial meeting, revealing that it was not SUN who could not have a baby, but it was JIN that medically could not produce a child. Sun pleas that she had not been with any other man, and thus, Jin deems it a miracle child. The Crazy island is back at work!!! DA DA DUM…Or did Sun and Jae really have an affair?

After some trekking, Anna Lucia, Sayid and Charlie discover the patch of land where the balloon should be found, according to the map Henry drew them. But back in the Hatch, Jack releases Henry to eat cereal with them. Henry suggests that if he WAS one of “The Others”, he would have drawn them a map to a patch of land where the balloon supposedly crashed, but would have been a perfect spot for an ambush from his supposed friends “The Others”.

Hmm… that was still a longer recap than I first thought it would be. Is there no way to recap this show quickly? Or am I just a bad writer? (you don’t have to answer that).

Anyways, Sawyer reading Judy Blume’s Are You there God, It’s me Margaret. Classic.

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