Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Office – Dwight’s Speech

Dwight and Michael go to a conference where Dwight is to give a speech, while back in The Office, Jim contemplates all the places he could go to on his vacation. Oh the Places You’ll Go Jim just to avoid Pam’s wedding. In another heartbreaking Jim and Pam scene, Jim mentions his vacation he will take on June 8th, just in time to miss Pam’s wedding, with the invitations just about ready to go, sitting on top of Pam’s counter. I’m getting ahead of myself though, let’s go back to the start.

Michael is passing the football to Dwight in The Office, knocking things off Jim and Dwight’s desks, but soon Jim, Phyllis and others manage to keep the ball away from Michael. Just as Ryan takes the ball, Dwight comes tackling poor Ryan to the ground, before Dwight starts knocking a few other Office by-standers around. Michael shies away from Dwight, looking like the poor mentally-handicapped kid that just did something bad but no one has the heart to call it out.

Cue Opening Credits and scenes of Scranton, Ohio. I wonder how much more tourism Scranton has gotten from this show? I mean, even if it gets one more person, that’s still one more than none from before, one would assume.

So apparently Jim is thinking of a vacation and looking for suggestions. Toby (? I think it’s Toby) suggests Amsterdam, where he spent a week? Month? After his divorce. I love the assumptions we must make on this show! Creed tells Jim to forget Amsterdam and go to HK, then starts spouting out some Chinese, something about “being friends with you”. Somehow I can see Creed getting a mail-order bride from Asia.

Ryan mentions that Jim has eaten the same sandwich everyday for lunch, so that Jim is not an adventurous guy, and will end up in Pennsylvania for his vacation again, and not travelling the exciting world, or in Africa (where Jim is spotting on the globe and figuring out the distance its away from Scranton).

Jim however does give Dwight some advice on giving speeches, handing him over notes he took from books. Books about powerful speechmakers like Hitler and Stalin.

Michael and Dwight make it to the conference, which is MUCH bigger than Michael remembered, and after more typical Michael embarrassments, Dwight takes the stage and I’m thinking I should be handing them an Oscar (because Hitler means it’s a Holocaust movies and Holocaust movies always win) (the Award, not their gay co-worker). The people soon buy it though, and in the end, Michael takes credit for inspiring one person who inspired a thousand. Oh poor delusional Michael. You’re so cute.

But back to the REALLY important part: Pam is disappointed once she finds out Jim won’t be attending her wedding. Jim. Pam. SOOOOO CUTE.

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