Friday, March 31, 2006

The Office – Michael’s Birthday

It’s Michael’s birthday and he can cry if he wants to. Apt since everyone else in the office wants to. Kevin is waiting upon results of possible skin cancer, but Michael makes sure that the entire day is about himself, going as far as sneaking in donuts as a gift to himself from another co-worker and taking advantage of Dwight and his party planning committee on Dwight’s “most important day of the year”.

Mindy thinks Princess Diana’s funeral was the saddest ever…oh, but along with her sister’s funeral, and Ryan overhears Angela and Dwight planning a “meeting” which leaves him literally speechless. Michael gives the courier girl a tip, thinking she’s the “surprise” stripper he mentions to the party committee that he wants, and Pam and Jim sneak off to the local store to buy gifts to cheer Kevin up, including 69 Cup of Noodle Soups, because, he loves Cup of Noodles and 69 is his favorite number.

Poor Toby keeps getting abused by Michael, and finally gets body checked at the ice rink when Michael takes the whole office to go skating, allowing him to show off his skating skills. Kevin’s results end up being negative, but Michael rips off his fake LIVESTRONG yellow bracelet in empathy for Kevin, not realizing a Negative result is good. Pam said she had a good day (shopping with Jim).

Another FANTASTIC episode! Man is this show moving up the list. Why couldn’t they make the US Coupling as good as the original?

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