Wednesday, March 15, 2006

On-The-Go iPod Playlist

So apologies to the Great Canadian Playlist from CBC radio, but I thought I'd steal from them, only added with my cheesier song mixes and no limits and the fact that only I get to add to the list in my own little dictorial wonderland. (Although apparently if your name is Josh, you land on my list easier). Here's my current playlist in no particular order (some are repeated from some previous postings but godarnit, they are good songs worth repeating):

Rascal Flatts – What Hurts The Most
Neverending White Lights – The Grace
Josh Turner – Your Man
Sara Evans – Saints and Angels
Andy Stochansky - House of Gold
Stabilo – Flawed Design
Gordie Sampson – You (or Somebody Like You)
Rihanna – SOS
Teddy Geiger – For You I Will
Teddy Geiger – Love Is a Marathon

High School Musical w/ Lucas Gabreel & Ashley Tinsdale – What I’ve Been Looking For
City and Colour – Save Your Scissors
Death Cab for Cutie – Soul Meets Body
Hedley – Trip
Oliver James – Long Time Coming
Josh Ritter – Harrisburg
Josh Kelley – Almost Honest
Ne-Yo – So Sick
The Veronica’s – I Can Get Used To This
Sheryl Crow & Sting - Always On Your Side
All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret (yeah, I know. not as good as Swing Swing but still enjoyable)

I know. I get up all in arms when people love manipulate feel goods like Crash but meanwhile I love and bask in the shameful fromage that is music.

Anything I should add that I don't know about yet?


Jason said...

"Saints & Angels" rocks! That tune will go through my head all day now! Thanks!!

I dare say you are missing a number of goodies on your iPod list. I'll have to make up a play list for you.

We need to talk about this whole "Crash" aversion. Tisk, tisk.


Anonymous said...

Soul meets body ... that song is in heavy rotation on my ipod - love it.

Anonymous said...

oh - to add to your list:
Gavin Degraw - We belong together (written before Mariah Carey hit it big with her song by the same name) from the Tristan and Isolode soundtrack

Anonymous said...

okay - one more to add:
Josh Rouse - Sad Eyes

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