Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rest of the Week before the Oscars

This will be short since... tada... the Oscars will be on tonight and I've finally seen all the movies in 14 categories (damn Syriana, or else it would have been 2 more).

Courting Alex - Dumping Alex. I know. I stayed in the relationship longer than I should have, but as charming as Josh Randall may be, and as much as I want to see Hugh Bonneville again, I must purge the bad dates and move on.

Scrubs - I now have the nightmare of seeing The Todd and his green glow after being in "chinatown", and poor Michael Learned... to be continued...

Boston Legal - Finally after a full season and a half, the producers got rid of all the superfluous characters (see ya wallpaper Ryan Michelle Bathe and Justin Mentell, we hardly knew you) and we are down to the amazing core cast. Thank god. Like they didn't realise this last season when they fired Monica Potter, Lake Bell and Rhona Mitra already? I mean, if you didn't know what to do with Rhona Mitra, what are you going to do with even less famous actors?

Free Ride - There's Arrested Development, and then there are these type of One-Camera shows. So much potential but somehow just don't live up? (see M.Y.O.B. with pre-Gilmore Girls Lauren Graham, The Opposite Sex with pre-Gilmore Girls Milo Ventilmiglia, Maybe It's Me although that was kinda kooky and Fred Willard made it pretty good) Somehow they are shot in the real world but feel clausterphobic as hell (and not in the AD good surreal way). Maybe cause the lead is too cute and "acting"?

ER - Noah Wylie was back. Guess he had nothing to do...

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