Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rest of the Week

The New Adventure of Old Christine – Pilot, Supertramp (NEW SERIES)
Another cute family comedy that fits into CBS’s Monday comedy line-up, with Julia Louis Dreyfus as Christine, a divorced woman who remains friends with her ex. Her ex however is dating a new girl, also called Christine, thus, Julia is dubbed, Old Christine. Julia is back in form (though I also thought Watching Ellie was pretty funny (starring a then unknown Steve Carrell)) and with Clark Gregg as her ex, and Hamish Linklater (another Gideon’s Crossing alum) as her brother, there’s some great chemistry in this group for some good comedy. (Andy Richter guesting on the second episode Supertramp was HILARIOUS as “Sad Dad” who Christine ends up sleeping with, her first since getting divorced 2 years ago)

Sons & Daughters - Film Festival, BBQ Therapy

This week, Gillian Vigman gets to shine as Cameron's Wife Liz Walker, when Henry (Cameron's son) gets a film into a film festival, and as the family and everyone else it seems, is invited to Cameron's annual BBQ. Still trying to figure out who everyone is though, but still some very awkward but funny moments. It's kinda like The Office meets Arrested Development except with an even bigger cast.

Boston Legal – Stick It!
I’m not sure if I’m loving the daughter on heroin storyline, or hating it, as it seems to be taking screen time away from Julie Bowen or James Spader. Maybe it’s just director Adam Arkin giving more screen time to his ex-co-star from Chicago Hope days.

The OC – The Journey
Damn. Marissa is still alive. Meanwhile, Ryan turns 18. (REALLY? Do they really expect us to believe this at this point? More like 26). Sandy locates Ryan’s mom in jail in Albuquerque, and Summer tells Julie Cooper that she knows of her tryst with her dad. Seth hires a Foreigner Cover Band for Ryan’s birthday, only to tell him it’s a Journey’s cover band, Ryan’s favourite, only because Foreigner is so much better than Journey.

My Name is Earl – Dad’s Car

Was I the only one completely disturbed by Randy and Joy, even if it was only a visual gag? Still, a very funny episode with Earl’s parents again, and Joy getting drunk while the kids are away.

The Loop - Jack Air
I know the Jack Air jokes were cheap but they were nonetheless very funny. Especially with Mimi Rogers there sitting completely deadpan. Sam is responsible with coming up with a new idea for a discount airline but can't help partying it up with the beer girl. Ends up in Cabo. Sam hair gets the rasta look. I think they like to have some fun with poor Bret Harrison, since he got his head partially shaved in the pilot ep, and now this!

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