Friday, March 03, 2006

Shameless Plugs!

So I'm going to shamelessly promote my friends on this blog!

First off, documentary filmmaker David Best made a film called Ice Breaker. He and his partner spent 6 weeks on a Canadian Coast Guard ice breaker. Ice Breaker has been picked up by CBC and although I'm late announcing the first couple of airings, apparently CBC will be airing it about 6 more times throughout the year. So please check your local listings (I use Yahoo! TV myself) and please check it out the next time it's on!

Also, opening TODAY at a theatre near you: 16 Blocks starring Bruce Willis, Mos Def and Arv Greywal as the movie's Production Designer! It looks like the movie was shot entirely in New York City, when in fact most of it was shot in Toronto! But trust me you will NOT be able to tell! So go out this weekend and support theatrically released feature films! Posted by Picasa

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