Friday, March 03, 2006

Survivor American Immunity Idol Results

I must say, on this years Survivor, I must remind myself that I cannot judge based on first impressions. I thought Bruce might be interesting and likable and I thought I would hate Cirie and Aras, but in fact, I think those two are my favorites now. However, I missed the last segment where they show who voted for who, because I was watching, thankfully, Sway singing for the last time, but how could they have voted off Bobbie before Bruce? I mean, yeah, Bobbie is a conceited jerk but he fessed up right away, AND it WAS him that won the luxury competition (and not you Courtney who sat on her ass that whole time as Bobbie had to save Bruce from figuring out how to chop off fish heads and tails).
Still, is this the first time in how long where more than 2 people had their names written down on the parchment? We kinda need more of those.
Just like we need more results on American Idol like last night’s episode. I can’t believe America actually did right and took one swoop to get rid of Brenna and Sway (and had a feeling Heather and David might be casualties as well like I predicted! Woo. I got 3 out of 4 right (although yes, I cheated and gave 5 names)).
Back to La Mina… ah who really cares, the good drama is back on Casaya, as Shane pointed out, they are a dysfunctional functional family, and I was actually sad that they lost the Immunity Challenge.
So, Bobbie is gone, as they kicked off their strong player, because, Bruce, made a last minute shameless plea that somehow worked (stupid Casaya) and we no longer have to EVER hear of Brenna Gethers again! Except on the Surreal Life.

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