Thursday, March 16, 2006

Survivor America's Next Top Immunity Idol

Survivor was a recap, Goodbye Melissa, don't forget your words on the way out the door, and blonde Carrie is ONE UGLY CHICK.

Survivor: Recap... All I could determine from this excuse episode as March Madness goes on, is that Bruce "Karate" is even crazier than we thought since he insisted on using the remaining half bottle of clean drinkable water to clean his hands AS IT WAS RAINING while STANDING FEETS AWAY FROM THE OCEAN. CRAZY I tell ya!
I was so bored that there was a momentarily lapse of judement and the tv was switched over to America's Next Top Model and then my hand must have froze because I STAYED. And I HATE THIS SHOW. You would think the cattiness of the models and Miss Jay would be funny but I just don't buy it. The Oh-so-Serious Elimination is VERY FUNNY THOUGH but I'm guessing Highly unintentionally. Still, who am I to judge? During the summers, I'm addicted to Big Brother!

I tell you what WAS funny? Seeing Ace in the bottom 3 last night on American Idol! I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED!!! THINK you're so Pretty Boy? SUCKER. APPARENTLY America's no longer buying that act. The fact that he was seated next to "Part-Time Lover" Kevin Covais and the fact that Chicken Little was safe made the news even BETTER!
I kinda had a feeling Melissa and Bucky would be the other 2, but didn't feel surprised when Lisa took the spot alongside Melissa instead. She's good but very typical and unmemorable. Maybe if her name was Fantasia or something (or Paris)? (Yes, that was a dig at Fantasia, and partially Paris though she did do a good job this past week).

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