Friday, March 31, 2006

Survivor – Panama : Exile Island

The two teams merge into one tribe, leaving it 6 Crazies to the supposedly 4 strong team. Will Crazy Bruce jump over to the other team? NO STUPID BRUCE. DON’T DO IT.

Terry wins the immunity, which means either Austin or Nick will go. Nick tells the camera that all he hopes for is that he will make it past this round so that he will end up in the final Jury at the very least. Nick? You just jinxed yourself.

The crazies unite, sort of, still squabbling over who to vote for. At Tribal council, Austin and Nick basically spill out their entire weak strategies to the group, possibly making them the WORST PLAYERS EVER. This is SURVIVOR. You LIE LIE LIE. Anyways. Nick gets sent packing as Bruce does not desert the crazies, at least not this time.

Now, why Terry will reveal he found the Exile idol next week? I’m not sure, since by my calculations, next week is still the only safe week that he could fool the crazies into voting for him, use the immunity, and thus, the three votes left from former La Mina can oust a former Casaya member. Cause if not, the following week, if Casaya was smart, they could throw 4 to Terry, 2 to the other remaining La Mina tribe member, and at least tie the two votes coming from La Mina. Or something like that…

When did Nick become a pseudo philosopher with his exit speech? Lame.
I’m still hoping Cirie and Aras are final 2. Why is everyone loving Terry? He’s second most popular right now behind Cirie. I don’t get it. He bugs the hell out of me.

Although I can't believe Crazy Bruce, Crazy Shane and Crazy Courtney will all be in the jury now. Crazy!

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