Thursday, April 27, 2006

American Idol, America’s Next Top Model, South Pacific In Concert From Carnegie Hall

Let me first get ANTM out of the way. I hate that show, but sometimes, the trainwreck must be watched. Those “Aswirl” Twins, Ron and Richard, where DO they FIND these people?

Now, back to the singing.
Finally caught the performance episode of American Idol, and there was some great singing. Yes I love the show and all it’s cheese, but then so do 30 million other North Americans, but then I tune into South Pacific In Concert From Carnegie Hall on PBS, and there was some GREAT singing. Now, its hard to fault American Idol since these are basically amateurs from everyday America, who are young and generally untrained, and basically looking for that raw undiscovered talent (Kelly Clarkson, Elliott this year), but man, do those GREAT singers on South Pacific shame everyone else, granted, they’ve been doing it for years on the stage and these were the best of the best (and I’ve heard some BAD singers on Broadway too)
Heading up South Pacific was Reba McEntire. Yes, the country singer. But Thanks to her performance a few years back in Annie Get Your Gun, taking over Broadway Diva Bernadette Peters, and UPSTAGING Bernadette’s performance, Reba has somehow quickly and deservedly became a Broadway Icon herself. Plus, I actually like her show Reba and thinks she has incredible good comedic timing, but that’s just me.

Reba was joined by Alec Baldwin, Brian Stokes Mitchell(Trevor on Fresh Prince of Bel Air), Lilias White (so good with Megan Mullaly and Matthew Broderick in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, which also, in one show, made Matthew a Broadway Icon), and Dylan Baker. It’s amazing what good performers can do to enliven a musical, since I’ve never really liked, or understood South Pacific, with its silly Happy Talk and Bali’hai, but these performers totally made me understand (still didn’t love it but at least I could appreciate it now).

As for the other performers, I’m glad I was wrong and Kellie was booted. Now if only Taylor gets booted next week, we will have the best Final Four ever.

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