Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Celebrity Gossip - Spoilers possibly ahead

Love Monkey is dead (but final 4 eps remain on VH1) and we know this because Christopher Wiehl and Larenz Tate are signed onto new pilots, but even more important, so is Tom Cavanagh (I guess that is still good news) on a new show My Ex Life, which WAS supposed to star Gillian Vigman (who is SO hot and classy and funny without being slapstick on Sons & Daugters), but she's just been replaced by Cynthia Watros. Which means her character Libby on LOST won't be back next year? (Though maybe Gillian was unavailable because Sons & Daughters will be back next year? Doubtful but one can hope).
LOST by the way will have a 2 hour finale this season focussing on Desmond!

So I never got around to writing that post about the new pilots but HEROES sounds good (with Milo Ventimiglia) and of course Studio 60 on Sunset Strip by Aaron Sorkin and stars pretty much everybody not currently on a TV show (and even then some) (including Matthew Perry, Steven Webber, D.L. Hughley, Bradley Whitford, Nathan Corddry, Evan Handler, Sarah Paulson, Amanda Peet and Timothy Busfield)
Also excited by the prospects of Giles (Anthony Head) and Samantha (Kim Catrall) together on Him and Us.

So what? You thought I was going to talk about TomKat and their kitten Suri? Though there is a funny article announcing the birth.

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