Monday, April 17, 2006

Desperate Housewives – Don’t Look At Me

Josh Senter. Don’t forget that name. Because he wrote this weeks episode and it was by far the funniest episode this season. Plots that were about to get (if not already) tedious were hilarious, including Gabrielle’s baby snatching, Susan’s befuddled relationship with Karl, Bree’s legal battle with son Andrew, and especially Lynette’s neverending battle with her kids, this week, with Parker’s interest in the women’s hooha region.
Bree’s new link to Justin, to scheme back Andrew from moving in with his grandparents is an especially nice touch, although while nice to see Carol Burnett as Bree’s stepmother, most of the comedic touches continued to land between Bree and Andrew.

Oh, and we got a small role from Kyle Maclaughlin! Special Agent Cooper! Trey McDougal! Though still not sure what his character in this show is much use for at this point, but I guess InJustice was on hiatus?

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