Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Desperate Housewives – Everybody Says Don’t

That was the whole baby story and for bringing in Eddie McClintock? That’s it? He didn’t know it wasn’t his baby, but it was actually his brothers, which means Gabrielle and Carlos actually DON’T have the rights to adopt the baby, so Gabrielle ends up stealing it? Somehow I thought it could have been a whole bigger conspiracy.

Karl has actually been a welcome addition, and I’m glad they keep bring back Jay Harrington’s Dr. Ron, even though he really didn’t say much, but the pairing with Edie was great, and I forgot how entertaining Edie can be.

Also, any scene with Andrew is usually fantastic but I’m getting tired of this emancipation storyline fast, along with Bree’s AA storyline. Thanks for adding Oz’s Lee Tergesen but I’m bored with that whole fall-in-love-with-my-sponsor thing. Plus, he need’s a haircut.

Paul Young leaving the party after Felicia calls him out as a killer at another neighbourhood party, was hilarious!

Okay? So where did Mrs. Applewhite go? Watch for Alfre Woodard, who actually gets a few lines, this weekend in Take the Lead! (more shameless plugs)

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