Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Everwood – Across the Lines

So it wasn’t anybody we really knew in the car crash. Boring. Not only that? The guy has done it before (in Remember the Titans). Still, it causes Jake and Andy to argue over the differing decisions they want to make to help the guy, but in the end, spurs Jake to start an Anon meeting club in town, which Andy will help in the end. None of that however is quite as important as seeing Rose with a doobie. Rose and Denny/Sam and Deans father look-a-like (apparently Jeffrey Dean Morgan is already busy enough between Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural to take the part) smoke up a joint to help dull the pain of the cancer, which Harold totally doesn’t buy.
Meanwhile, I can’t tell if Hannah or Amy is being a bigger snot as each lives start diverting into different paths, with a great fallout over family dinner at the Abbott’s when both Bright and Amy are called out for divulging Hannah’s secret ramblings. Personally, I think I’m leaning towards Amy, only because I guess my life probably diverted the same way more and I just don’t realize what an asshole I was.
Also, when did Reid integrate into the show? With his whole Academic Probation getting him his own storyline? Then again. When did Hannah? Or Jake? TV SHOW WRITERS. This is how you integrate new characters without using stunt casting and making it feel natural. So seamless and natural.

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