Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Everwood – You’re A Good Man, Andy Brown

Seems like the guest stars have taken over;
I actually like the MiniE story for some reason, even though it’s really just a repeat of Ephram from the last 3 years, but I guess it lets Ephram sort of grow up, being a default mentor to this kid.
Meanwhile, I’m still not sure about Teri Bauer but, even though the abortion rights story has been done to death, leave it to Everwood to carefully tread this issue with precision and discomfort between Amy and Harold Abbott and revise this issue as to where it stands today, kinda resolved and yet not at all.
I’ve always loved Scott Wolf (and anybody from Party of Five, so isn’t it great to see the brothers each in a terrific show?) but shouldn’t Jake just die already so that Nina can move on?

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