Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gilmore Girls – I’m OK, You’re OK

Logan returns to Paris’ to apologize to Rory, while Doyle, still dressed in Rory’s coat, comes to apologize to Paris. Rory ends up moving back in with Mr. Ho, while Doyle and Paris do the horizontal acrobatics. Lorelai finds out from this-week-real-estate-agent Kirk that Richard and Emily Gilmore have been looking at homes in the Stars Hollow area, and also spends some time with Rory while in town. Rory tries to pursue seeking out April’s mother, to the adamant objection of Lorelai. Zack asks Mrs. Kim for her permission to marry Lane, and Michel’s post-it notes system is screwed up from a fiddling Rory.

Oh yeah, and Mrs. Kim helps Zach write a hit song!

The allusion that all is still not rosy between Logan and Rory is only exacerbated by the knowing appearance that Jess is coming back in the next ep!

I'm so frustrated with the whole April-Luke-Lorelai thing... plus, April was just a little TOO precious... maybe if she wasn't so precocious, or like a mini Lorelai, this might have been interesting.

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