Monday, April 10, 2006

New Eps for this Week (April 10- April 17)

Monday April 10
Prison Break – Fox/Global 8pm
How I Met Your Mother – CBS 8:30pm
24 – Fox 9pm, Global 10pm
Everwood – The WB 9pm
The New Adventures of Old Christine – CBS/CH 9:30pm

Tuesday April 11
Gilmore Girls – The WB 8pm, Global 10pm
American Idol – Fox/CTV 8pm
Veronica Mars – UPN 9pm NEW DAY
Scrubs – NBC 9pm
Sons & Daughters – ABC/City 9pm
House – FOX/Global 9pm
Out of Practice – CH 9pm
Pepper Dennis – The Wb 9pm
Teachers. – NBC 9:30pm

Wednesday April 12
Lost – CTV 7pm, ABC 9pm
The Amazing Race – CTV/CBS 8pm NEW DAY
The Loop – FOX 8pm
Everwood – Achannel 8pm
Bones – Fox/Global 8pm
Out of Practice – CBS 8pm
Freddie – ABC/SunTV 8:30pm SEASON FINALE
American Idol – Fox/CTV 8:30pm (1hr)
The Loop – CH 9:30pm SEASON FINALE

Thursday April 13
The OC – CTV 8pm, FOX 9pm
Everybody Hates Chris - UPN 8pm
Survivor: Exile Island – CBS/Global 8pm
The Loop – Fox 8:30pm SEASON FINALE
Supernatural – The WB/City 9pm
Commander in Chief – CTV/ABC 10pm RETURNS

Sunday April 16
Everybody Hates Chris - City 7pm
The West Wing – NBC 8pm
Desperate Housewives – CTV/ABC 9pm
What About Brian? – CTV/ABC 10pm NEW JJ ABRAMS SHOW!!!

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