Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Prison Break, The New Adventures of Old Christine, What About Brian

Like they couldn’t see that truck coming from a mile away? They were in the middle of the field… or was that the whole point?

Not the greatest Christine, cause I think I already miss Burton, but if the whole show was just a set up to bring back Sad Dad (guest star Andy Richter), it was worth it. Also, loving Hamish Linklater in a comedic role (as Christine’s brother).

So What About Brian? I SO want another singles dating show, and now that Love Monkey is cancelled for sure, I was hoping this would be the one to fill in the gap between Felicity and thirtysomething, I’m not sure this is it, but STILL giving it a chance (remember, I’m the hopeless romantic, much like Brian, which is probably why I believe he stayed with crazy Car Girl for so long). Still, they could learn from their own show Felicity or Everwood and stretch out stories a little longer and develop them with much more depth. The whole open marriage arc within the first two episodes would have lasted half a season on Everwood (then again, since no one watches Everwood, maybe people just don’t want depth? and are you feeling my love for Everwood? Can I say Everwood any more often? The CW, are you listening?).

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