Saturday, April 15, 2006

Rest of the Week

Survivor Panama: Exile Island
I’m not sure who is more stupid, the Crazy Casaya people or Terry for not using his two immunities to his advantage more. This one was the one week Casaya could have drew the hidden immunity out of Terry (or Sally, if they though she had it), but they totally wasted it for some burgers, fries and coke. Only Aras knew he had to fight for it… UGH…I hope Aras wins now.

American Inventor
I saw the last 10 minutes as they played Westlife’s version of Josh Grobin’s You Raise Me Up, over and over again as they gave the final word to the contestants if they made it to final 12. have to admit, its cheap but moving, and it works. No wonder it’s a hit. Simon Cowell is involved in Westlife though which explained the music choice (since this is his show).

The Loop – The Rusty Trombone
That had BETTER not have been the Series Finale because damn that show is funny. Great casting of Adam Brody as Phillip Baker Hall’s long discussed gay son (also, Bret Harrison’s real life roommate).

The New Adventures of Old Christine – The Other F Word
Wanda Sykes
is finally not annoying and funny again. Love the homophobic black folks, then the racist homo’s that Christine tries to invite to the “White Bread” school.

How I Met Your Mother – Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM
Finally, great way to break up Ted and Robin for good, though not enough time for Neil Patrick Harris to give his one liners.

Without a Trace – Expectations
Another Finally: Finally Martin is “better” and we can move on. Though I did like the bonding between him and partner Danny Taylor.

Scrubs – My New Suit
The only good thing to come out of the demise of Love Monkey is that Tom Cavanaugh can return as J.D.’s useless brother. The almost threesome with Keith and Elliott was so quick yet hilarious.

Supernatural – Provenance
I am NEVER buying an antique EVER AGAIN.

Commander in Chief – State of the Unions
Time to undo everything Steven Bochco ”fixed”/screwed up. Hope this show survives, it’s the ultimate fantasy show, plus I love that it can combine Oscar winner Geena Davis, should be Oscar winner Donald Sutherland, underated Ever Carradine and Anthony Azizi, and Manhunt reality show contestant Matt Lanter. LOVE THAT. Manhunt. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. Also, Meg and Jake Kane together! (more Veronica Mars Alum people…)

Teachers. – Schoolympics
I should be ignoring this show by now but somehow it’s comforting to me. Kinda like a Growing Pains episode. Not great but somehow cozy to watch. Or maybe it’s because its Sarah Alexander. After UK Coupling, I will give her more than enough chances after she being in the brilliant Coupling.

Modern Men – Timmy Can You Hear Me
If only for Eric Lively, who gives a new meaning to naïve but lovable dimwit.

The OC – The Dawn Patrol
Totally hooked into the manipulative and silly plot that is Seth and Summer breaking up, because Seth is too proud to admit he didn’t get into Brown. If only to get Summer to jump on the coffee bar to profess her love, or getting her to pair up with Taylor Townsend to do some scheming. But PLEASE don’t bring back drinking Kiki.

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