Thursday, April 06, 2006

Survivor Panama: Exile Island

A whole episode basically to inevitably get Austin out, with a slight scare that Aras might go. NOOO… I need to stare at that ever shifting awesome hair that Aras has for some more weeks. Plus, now, they can get out Sally and Terry as long as the Crazies win immunity next week. (of the 6 left, 3 vote for Terry, 3 vote for Sally, or 4, 2 then tie Sally with Aras, so even when Terry uses his immunity, there is a backup on the hotseat)
Anyways, two things. Why is Terry the most popular with viewers? He’s ARROGANT. UGH.

Also, is that Immunity Necklace not the GAYEST THING EVER this side of Bob Mackie at a Cher reunion tour?

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