Monday, April 10, 2006

What’s Tapeworthy Right NOW. In Order

Because I love lists so much, and because we are approaching May Sweeps and all the season finales, this is MY list for what to watch. IN ORDER depending on how much time you have. (if you have time for one show. Watch the first show, if you have time for 5, watch the top 5. , if you are unemployed, you can watch them all, etc).

I decided it was partly useless to come out with this list after Season finales were over since you would all have to wait until the DVD’s came out. Again, I’m not watching 24 this season because I’m still catching up with Season 4, and I don’t get HBO so Big Love and The Sopranos are automatically out of the equation, as is The Shield or Thief on FX. Entourage and Weeds aren’t on the list because they won’t be back on the air until summer. Arrested Development, Love Monkey, Kitchen Confidential because they are all dead now (more on that eulogy later). I’ve also discounted all the Law and Orders and CSI’s cause they are basically on all the time.

So, here is what you should be watching. In order.

1. Lost
2. Veronica Mars
3. Everwood
4. Grey’s Anatomy
5. The Office
6. The Amazing Race
7. Scrubs
8. The New Adventures of Old Christine
9. Gilmore Girls
10. How I Met Your Mother
11. The Loop
12. Bones
13. My Name is Earl
14. Boston Legal
15. House
16. Prison Break
17. Sons & Daughters
18. American Idol
19. Supernatural
20. Everybody Hates Chris
21. Commander in Chief
22. Desperate Housewives
23. Alias
24. ER
25. Without a Trace
26. Survivor Panama: Exile Island
27. The OC
28. Freddie
29. Out of Practice

Lost is back in the top spot (though really, between Lost, Veronica Mars and Everwood, they basically keep interchanging because they are simply all amazing in their different ways). Lost is number 1 simply because it is mesmerizing and at the top of it’s own game.
You may have noticed Grey’s and The Office are moving up the charts, and The Amazing Race is back in the top 10 for me. Newbies Christine, The Loop, How I Met your Mother are all moving up fast.
If I HAD to stop somewhere, it would be after 20. Everybody Hates Chris. Everything above that is having a great season. Below are more staples that I’ve just kept up with because they are enjoyable still but sometimes frustrating because they could be better.

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