Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Scrubs, Veronica Mars – Tragic Kingdom

Got a new job where I might actually have to work at, so these will be fewer and farther in between… so Im cutting to the chase.

VM? Wont see tonights for a while but if theres only 2 eps left? How are they going to answer all the mysteries? But damn, I love Mac, though I also like her anti-prom date Butter. Also, are Logan and Veronica's scenes not the HOTTEST THING ON TV? Plus is Dick not the funniest pig ever? He’s what Bright would have been like if Bright didn’t meet Hannah. Which brings up Everwood. Was that not the most heartbreaking scene? Or Scenes? My fav was the one with Bright and Amy actually. Nia Long guest starred, and I will watch her in ANYTHING… but her story as Irv’s daughter seemed to come out of nowhere.
Gilmore Girls? Logan… boring…this Logan storyline has grown tepid, but loved Paris and Doyle watching the penguin movie. But LOVED Suki and Jackson trying to get rid of the three garbage bags full of weed. HILARIOUS.
And Scrubs. Another show reeling from tragedy, but loved Prison Break-meanguy as the emotional nutcase surgeon.

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