Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gilmore Girls Season Finale – Partings

Let the Season Finales begin… (I don’t count 7th Heaven, even though I am so thankful to god that the Camden’s are forever gone)

Now, was that Gilmore Girls defacto Series Finale? I know it’s pretty much guaranteed a slot on The CW next season (as opposed the tease they are pulling on Veronica Mars, also having their Season Finale tonight, but I won’t get to watch for another week or so), but with Amy and Dan Palladino leaving, and a nutcase taking over, will Gilmore Girls ever be the same? Seems like the netters aren’t so enthused but I am hopeful, if only cause I NEED to be. This show is GREAT, and for 6 seasons, it has given us some of the best dialogue, characters, quirks, Kirks, and emotional wallops.

So how did it end?
Well, if we didn’t already see it about a dozen times already in the commercials (thanks a lot WB and Global. You need to fire your PR department for giving every major “shock” in the commercials leading up to the Finale), it would have been a great twist of an ending.
The troubadours taking over Stars Hollow should have been funnier, but from the start, with Sookie and Jackson being “VERY QUIET” amongst a slumbering Lorelai, to the end with Gigi and Chris being “VERY QUIET” amongst a slumbering Lorelai, the episode tidied up some of the messier stories of this troubled season.

Best line? When Emily realised she hadn’t fired the maid yet and knowing something was off.
Best guest star? Hard to say, Mary Lynn Rajskub (24) is always enjoyable, but seeing Jan from The Office in a horrible dress invited by Emily Gilmore, was amusing. Of the troubadours? Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Dave Gruber Allen, Sparks. All fun, if not that funny. At least not as funny as hearing about Ms. Patty and her fourth husband, or her pole dancing class.

Meanwhile, Logan, who seems to have miraculously survived within a fortnight, graduates, and will be leaving for London, but it’s the encounter between Rory and Mitchum in the elevator that made the whole thing worthwhile. I realised that those two, together, with their history together, at war or indifference, has the potential for some dramatic sparks. The truth hurts and Rory learns from Mitchum, that she doesn’t resonate in his life that much, and that in fact, they really have the same problems with Logan.

And finally, Lorelai, realizing that Luke is the first person she has loved and wanted to marry, breaks down to Luke, asks him to elope, he rejects that notion, and Lorelai ends up at Christopher’s door. Then eventually in bed, when Gigi, seeing Lorelai naked in her dad’s bed, comments that she doesn’t like wearing a nightgown either when she is sick.

See you Gilmores and Palladino’s. Let’s hope the show stays in tact for the summer for next season on the new network. We don't want this to be the last Partings with Rory, Lorelai, Luke, Emily, Richard, Sookie, Jackson, Paris, Miss Patty, Taylor, Lane, Mrs. Kim, Michel, Babette, Logan, Jess, Dean, Doyle, Zach, Brian, Gil, Gypsy, Ceasar, Lulu, Marty (who they REALLY need to bring back), and now of course, Paul Anka.

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