Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lost, The Amazing Race, American Idol, Everwood

You gotta love CTV for squeezing in Lost, the 2 hour finale for The Amazing Race and American Idol in a 3 hour span (and then add Law & Order after THAT). Brilliant move to squeeze out the commercials on Amazing Race and then flip over to the final 10 minutes of American Idol where it really matters.

Too bad we moved from the Hippies winning (yawn) to seeing Elliott Yamin lose by .2 something of a percentage point. Boo. But expected and he got a higher number of votes than I would have thought. Now, will his votes go to Katharine or Taylor? I’d like to think Katharine, only cause I hate Taylor, but America, you let Everwood DIE so I think you’re going to be stupid enough to vote Taylor as the new Idol.

On Lost, OMG! We see what happened to Michael, his visit to The Others, his encounter with Walt (he’s not dead!) and how he’s been compromised (Sayids word, not mine). Then a BOAT? BOOM…

Over on Everwood, Jake’s new therapy is going swell and thus needs to move to LA, but wants Nina and Sam to join him there. Reed comes back, only to distress Hannah more, as Reed, Amy, Hannah, and hot Aussie dude go out on a bowling date to have Hannah break apart, dealing with the whole Bright situation. Bright, still looking as puppy dog sorry as ever, tries to remain friends with Hannah, Reed realizes through Amy that he needs to deal with the root of his shit before he can move on, so moves to Denver to do that, Delia finally has her Bat Mitvah and Harold Abbott realizes he and Rose haven’t been spending any quality time together after diagnosing an embittered soon-to-be father (the great Justin Kirk from Weeds and Angels in America) with aplastic anemia (or something like that). I’m truly saddened that this show will no longer have new episodes after this season. PEOPLE… GET THEE THY DVD (although they only have Season 1 out, another reason maybe this show hasn’t picked up new audiences).

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