Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Upfronts – ABC Fall 2006 Schedule

Today it’s ABC’s turn for the Upfronts. With Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Extreme Makeover Home Edition as their strongest suits, ABC took some brave moves and slashed a LOT of shows, and are recruiting 6 new comedies and 6 new dramas for next season. While I complained yesterday about NBC’s unwillingness to change, ABC is continuing its search for more watercooler shows.

While it failed this past season (Invasion, Commander in Chief, Freddie), and will probably fail again this coming season (Notes from the Underbelly? PLEASE), there seems to be enough interesting pilots around, HOWEVER… WHAT IS WITH THE SCHEDULING MOVES?

I’m still not sure. Moving Grey’s to Thursday at 9pm could be smarter than one would think, but keeping What About Brian, Wife Swap, The Bachelor (STILL?), Supernanny? Not sure. I guess they still pull in decent ratings, enough for some stability at least. Where’s Freddie then, since it did well enough with George Lopez (which is returning)?

Still, Nine Lives, Six Degrees, Betty the Ugly, Brothers and Sisters, Big Day, and Traveler all look like possibilities. Lots of pilots left off the schedule though, including Him and Us, with Kim Catrall and Anthony Head (Buffy).

Not too excited about Help me Help You, or Notes from the Underbelly.

Apparently though ABC heard our complaints and will run LOST with 7 new eps straight during the fall season, then complete the rest in the winter/spring season with a small hiatus in between (but at least, this one is timed).
Basically, like that ABC is willing to take so many risks, but worried about their actual scheduling time slots, and the still overabundance of mediocre reality shows (even Dancing with the Stars might be chancing it depending on which "stars" they pick, it worked this past year because Drew and Stacy were actually GREAT and entertaining to watch).

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