Monday, May 15, 2006

The Upfronts - NBC Fall 2006 Schedule

So I don't think NBC will be pulling ahead of CBS or anything, or getting the attention of ABC from their Fall 2006 Sched. Here's another one.

Friday Night Lights, Heroes and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip were all picked up, as predicted, and those are the highest chances of making waves, but the rest of the sched is pretty much the same/lame and pretty much boring by now. I still think ER is pretty good but at this point, I think it is time to put it to rest (though with John Stamos joining the show, I'd be willing to stick with it again still).
Only Studio 60 joining Earl and The Office looks promising in bring back Must see Thursdays, but where's Scrubs? (midseason apparently)

20 Good Years with John Lithgow, Jeffrey Tambor and youngun' Jake Sandvig (Sky High) could be promising but it's a multi camera show and sounds like it could also fall flat. Doesn't sound like any watercooler thing for sure.

Oh, although Andy Barker, PI (with Andy Richter) and The Singles Table (with John Cho) are fillers... and those two I was interested in.

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