Friday, June 16, 2006

Gasp! The Lord of the Rings:The Musical possibly closing soon!

GASP... although... really... should any of us have been suprised? While I wish SOMETHING huge would happen on the Toronto Stages (PLEASE bring BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL!), wish something with more than just huge money, alas, The Lord of the Rings: The Musical will not be it, as inside word is it'll close within the first few weeks of July now. Oh well, not a horrible musical but definitely needed a LOT more work and editing and wasn't really ready for audiences yet. Plus after years of the Lord of the Rings movies, did we really need more? Much like Ring of Fire closing on Broadway, why would they produce another Johnny Cash show at the same time? What happened to diversity?

Anyways, as a footnote, sometimes Toronto does seem to take a while to latch onto stuff, waiting it to be big in the States first (see The Drowsy Chaperone or Kiss of the Spiderwoman) (only Ragtime seemed to do better in Toronto than it did on Broadway).

Oh well, again, I thought Wicked was way worse than LOTR The Musical but will be back AGAIN to Toronto and plays to sold out audiences in NY. I give up sometimes.

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