Thursday, June 22, 2006

Shameless Plug - Whistler on CTV and The N

Not a show I'm personally connected to, but it's someone else I knows show. Granted, watch mainly for the Quinn character (far right on above pic) who is the best part of the show (and hopefully, they will follow him a LOT more)... well... because there are some annoying characters and while there is a LOT of potential, right now, er, it's a little slow. Basically, its The OC meets Desperate Housewives meets Everwood meets any WB show, yet not really as good as any of them. Yet. They seem to concentrate far too much on the boring adults (and not in the good way like Sandy and Kirsten Cohen or Julie Cooper Nichols Cooper Roberts) especially when they actually HAVE a good young actor to concentrate on.

Anyways, check it out: Whistler on CTV this Sunday, June 25th at 10pm or on The N on Friday May 30th (I believe at 9pm).

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